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Wheatgrass Sprouters

6 Tray Sprouter
6 Tray Sprouter $275.00

This sprouter will fit into almost any living space and it provides enough wheatgrass for 3-4 ounces of juice per day, often more, depending on your microclimate. It holds six 10 x 20 trays of wheatgrass.

New! Includes new DVD showing you the whole process of growing so you can't go wrong.

HYDROPONIC or SOIL - I recommend growing in a mix of sterile material used widely in hydroponic gardening plus Canadian Sphagnum Peatmoss. There is less chance for mold to develop and less mess. Tray grown wheatgrass roots do not take up nourishment from the soil, they are too young. All the nourishment comes from the miracle of the seed itself and the seaweed fertilizer that is included with the sprouter and is added to the water. You get all the minerals on the planet in a perfect ratio with this kelp product and it is easily absorbed by green leaves and roots.

I am concerned about all the animal wastes in potting soils, however, if you have a fervent belief that growing in soil is better, then you certainly can do so in this sprouter. It is your choice and you can test both mediums for yourself. You may find that mixing the hydroponic medium with Canadian Sphagnum peatmoss is the best solution. This peatmoss is the basic material that Ann Wigmore used and has no animal wastes in it.

You just water and spray the sprouts once a day and every 2-3 days you have a tray full of grass. There is a drainage basin but there is almost no water runoff with this growing medium. There is a full screen cover that keeps out vinegar flies and your cat or dog. Cats just love to sit on wheatgrass and chew on it.

This sprouter was designed especially for wheatgrass and has been thoroughly tested. You are not just buying a shelf unit - you are buying a complete tested system for growing wheatgrass easily with all the kinks worked out. Everything is spelled out for you, the instructions are very complete and now there is a dvd that shows you how to grow day by day. The grass grown in this sprouter is luxuriant and healthy and is easy to grow. Pictures show cover open and closed.

Each tray of wheatgrass will cost about one dollar, depending where you buy your seed. That means your juice will cost less than 20 cents an ounce after you have paid off the sprouter. At a typical cost of $1.50 an ounce of juice in a juice bar you will have paid off your sprouter in about 2 months of regular juicing. The sprouter was built for a lifetime so the rest of your life the juice will be less than twenty cents an ounce plus a small amount of regular work.

You can also grow buckwheat and sunflower seeds in this sprouter.

The winter wheat that we use for wheatgrass grows best at a temperature range of 65-75 degrees so you can put your sprouter inside or outside wherever it will be closest to that temperature range.

The sprouter is made of pvc pipe for lightweight strength and comes complete with screen cover, plastic base, full instructions on a CD and DVD, 8 plastic trays, 1 screen covered container for soaking seed, 1 cloth cover for lower tray, 1 ounce of kelp fertilizer and mold suppressant and enough growing medium and top quality organic wheat seed for six trays of grass. You can start growing your own wheatgrass as soon as you get it. New zippered cover to keep out flies and animals.

The 6 tray sprouter measures 12 x 26 x 53 inches, and has 1200 inches of growing space.

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