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A large selection of books on Rebounding for your good health.
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Rebounder Books

Rebounder Videos

Urban Rebounding - The Book
Urban Rebounding - The Book After years of experimentation and study in the field of reboundology, fitness and martial arts expert JB Berns, has developed an exercise system that integrates exercise of the body and mind. Mr. Berns details the history of rebounding and its benefits, and then fully describes the Urban Rebounding exercise program.
JB Berns, 174 pages, pb.

Urban Rebounding - The Book $12.95
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Rebounding To Better Health
Rebounding To Better Health Having been certified by Al Carter, Linda Brooks now brings us a simple, down to earth, practical guide to rebounding. She gives us short, concise, easy to read chapters. Linda's summary of potential benefits to you should be very helpful. USE GRAVITY TO CLEANSE YOUR SYSTEM, MAXIMIZE YOUR VITALITY AND ADD YEARS TO YOUR LIFE!
Linda Brooks, 96 pages pb.

Rebounding To Better Health $7.95
Add Gift Wrap $5.95

The New Miracles of Rebound Exercise
The New Miracles of Rebound Exercise Health and Fitness Classic. 1.3 million copies. Best Seller. Al Carter invariably convinces his critics, even those in the medical profession, that his Healthy Cell Concept is the best way to total health. All of Carter's research is scientifically and medically documented. The data presented in this book has been confirmed by NASA, the U.S. Air Force, Dr. Kenneth Cooper's Institute of Aerobics Research, and the Hong Kong University. Includes testimonials.
Al Carter, 170 pages, pb.

New Miracles of Rebound Exercise $12.95
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Rebounding and Your Immune System
Rebounding and Your Immune System Linda Brooks brings us an up-close look at your immune system, edema, and your natural chelation system. Here is another concise 96 page book to add to your library on how rebound exercise supports you naturally. With emphasis on emotional and spiritual connections, and success stories from many people who have benefited from the ultimate exercise.
Linda Brooks, 96 pages pb.

Rebounding and Your Immune System $7.95
Add Gift Wrap $5.95

Cancer-A Simple Approach
Cancer-A Simple Approach Cancer is no mystery! Simply stated, it is the result of an inefficient immune system. At last, Linda Brooks presents basic truths in her concise style of writing. No other book in the rebound industry is this complete in its content.
Linda Brooks, 78 pages pb.

Cancer-A Simple Approach $5.95
Add Gift Wrap $5.95

The Cancer Answer
The Cancer Answer "The answer to cancer has been staring medical science in the face for at least a decade. Iím sure the scientists know because I know. Itís simply been a matter of putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. My Healthy Cell Concept does just that." -Al Carter. Using scientific and medical evidence, Mr. Carter invariably convinces his critics, even those in the medical profession, that his healthy cell concept is the best way to total health.
Al Carter - 247 pages pb.

The Cancer Answer $14.95
Add Gift Wrap $5.95

Olympic Trainer
Olympic Trainer ...has a fitness program for everybody!
If your goal is an Olympic gold medal, or simply to get into the best shape you've ever been in your life - the OLYMPIC TRAINER is for you! Harry and Sarah Sneider have developed a simple system involving a rebound unit and a set of graduated handheld soft weights which you can use in your own home. They call it "resistive rebounding" and they've demonstrated it in their own fitness center - with world famous athletes, businessmen and women, housewives, children, retirees and the disabled - that resistive rebounding works. It's inexpensive, it's easy and it's fun! Know the joy of reaching your maximum human potential, excelling in your chosen sport and, best of all, enjoying life to the utmost, with the Olympic Trainer (revised).
Dr. Harry & Sarah Sneider, 146 pages, pb.

Olympic Trainer $14.95
Add Gift Wrap $5.95

Total Health For Longevity Reprint Article
Total Health For Longevity Reprint Article Dr. Tina Wellman, blends nutritional support with environmental detoxification to achieve wellness. Her efforts in this field are groundbreaking and provide hope for healing and wellness. She is also the author of "Psychoneuroendocrinology: Copper Toxicity and Premenstrual Syndrome."
Dr. Tina Wellman, 4 pages, pb.

Total Health For Longevity Reprint Article $1.00
Add Gift Wrap $5.95

Townsend Letter For Doctors Reprint Article
Townsend Letter For Doctors Reprint Article Dr. Morton Walker, a professional medical journalist specializing in reporting on wholistic medicine, orthomolecular nutrition, and alternative methods of healing, has authored 1,650 published magazine and clinical journal articles plus 62 published consumer health books. The Avery Publishing Group has assigned him his own imprint, "A Dr. Morton Walker Health Book."
Dr. Morton Walker, 8 pages, pb.

Townsend Letter Reprint $1.50
Add Gift Wrap $5.95

LOOKING GOOD, FEELING GREAT Karol Truman has been a student of physical fitness and nutrition for over thirty years. After being introduced to rebound exercise early in the 1970's, she carefully tested it out, and soon became an avid convert. We've all shared the frustrations of diet and exercise. Diets are torture and they tend to take the weight off the wrong places. Exercise isn't much better. Who wants to go out into the rain to jog, fighting off the dogs, traffic, and sore ankles? But, finally there is a better way! It seems odd that such a simple little device could bring such fantastic results. Rebounding gives the results you've been looking for and it lets you have fun at the same time.
Karol Kuhn Truman. 166 pages pb

Add Gift Wrap $5.95

Rebounder Videos

Rebounder Books

The Immune System
The Immune System Al Carter is known for his informative and entertaining presentation of the Healthy Cell Concept. You will gain a greater appreciation of your body and how to maintain your good health. The information contained on this video is pure dynamite and you will want your friends and family view it as well.
Informational - 45 minutes.
This video comes free with your 1/2 Fold Rebounder®.

The Immune System $19.95
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Champion Rebounding
Champion Rebounding Are you ready for a dynamic, low impact, high intensity workout that will make you feel more energized than youíve ever felt before? Well, here you go! Jerryís skill and techniques as a national boxing champion, a martial artist, and a law enforcement officer have been incorporated into this Champion Rebounding workout. Hosted by fitness expert Jerry James.
Intermediate/Advanced - 60 minutes.

Champion Rebounding $23.00
Add Gift Wrap $5.95

Champion Rebounding Super Set
Champion Rebounding Super Set FINALLY! A workout that will help you to firm up, tone up, and lose weight. And have a blast doing it. It's all about being a Champion. Hosted by fitness expert Jerry James.
Very Advanced - 40 minutes.

Champion Rebounding Super Set $23.00
Add Gift Wrap $5.95

Champion Rebounding For Kids
Champion Rebounding For Kids Finally, a fun, safe, power-packed workout for kids of all ages! Champion Rebounding For Kids will energize, entertain, and motivate like no other program on the market today. This low impact, high intensity program will get kids off the couch, away from the computer, and into a truly enjoyable workout time after time. Hosted by fitness expert Jerry James, who has dedicated his life to building champions of all ages.
60 minutes.

Champion Rebounding For Kids $23.00
Add Gift Wrap $5.95

Carol's Health Bounce
Carol's Health Bounce A very different video for a healthy alternative in exercise rebounding! Developed by an actress/aerobics instructor who credits rebounding for reducing her own symptoms of arthritis, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome by ninety percent.
Beginning - 30 minutes.

Carol's Health Bounce $19.95
Carol's Health Bounce DVD $19.95
Add Gift Wrap $5.95

Bouncin in the House
Bouncin in the House Blanche Black gives us a wonderful beginning level workout. This is actually a 2 video set in which Blanche leads you through a stretching routine as well as an introductory rebounding workout. A good addition to any library.
Beginning - 30 minutes.

Bouncin in the House $31.00
Add Gift Wrap $5.95

The Smart Bounce
The Smart Bounce Blanche Black takes her workout program to the next level. This intermediate level program challenges you to expand your horizons.
Intermediate - 45 minutes.

The Smart Bounce $19.95
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Bounce Before You Jump
Bounce Before You Jump This is not an ordinary workout video!
This informative video is designed to help you create routines that fit your needs and enjoyment. Linda ties the moves together at the end with three short workouts - one for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students. Get more effectiveness and enjoyment out of your rebound experiences now with the help of this unique and timely video!
Beginning - 80 minutes.

Bounce Before You Jump $19.95
Add Gift Wrap $5.95

Urban Rebounding - Original Gym Workout Video
Urban Rebounding - Original Gym Workout Video JB Berns demonstrates the exercise program he described in his Urban Rebounding book. Mr. Berns leads you in this exciting, fast-paced workout.
Advanced - 45 minutes.

Urban Rebounding Original Gym Video $23.00
Add Gift Wrap $5.95

Urban Rebounding - "The Basics"
Urban Rebounding - The Basics JB Berns instructs you in the seven basic postures of the Urban Rebounding program and leads you through an exciting, fast-paced workout. Intermediate - 30 minutes.

Urban Rebounding - "The Basics" $19.95
Add Gift Wrap $5.95

Urban Rebounding - "The Challenge"
Rebound Beyond Aerobics JB Berns builds upon the movements in "The Basics" video and steps up the pace of your workout.
Advanced - 45 minutes.

Urban Rebounding - "The Challenge" $19.95
Add Gift Wrap $5.95

Urban Rebounding COMBO
Urban Rebounding COMBO 1 copy of "The Basics" plus 1 copy of "The Challenge" for only $35.00!

Urban Rebounding COMBO $35.00
Add Gift Wrap $5.95

Urban Rebounding® - Advanced Workout Video
Urban Rebounding - Advanced Workout Video JB Berns leads you through his latest installment of his popular workout system. This takes the "Challenge" to the next level.
Very Advanced - 45 Minutes.

Urban Rebounding® - Advanced Workout Video $19.95
Add Gift Wrap $5.95

Dance Bound
Dance Bound Fitness Pro Tracie Finan leads you through a unique workout which ties rebounding and Broadway together. Learn modified rebounding movements with a jazz dance flair. Hosted by JB Berns.
Intermediate/Advanced - 40 minutes.

Dance Bound $19.95
Add Gift Wrap $5.95

Sports Specific Bound
Sports Specific Bound Nationally recognized fitness presenter Shannon Griffiths leads you through a workout to tone and hone your body to better enjoy your favorite sports. Hosted by JB Berns.
Intermediate/Advanced - 40 minutes.

Sports Specific Bound $19.95
Add Gift Wrap $5.95

Stretch Bound
Stretch Bound JB Berns leads you through a unique form of exercise to help you limber up prior to rebounding. This will work every part of your body and potentially reduce the chance of injury and discomfort while exercising.
60 minutes.

Stretch Bound $19.95
Add Gift Wrap $5.95

Hi-Lo Bound
Hi-Lo Bound Allison Nolan leads you through a blast from the past. Remember those high impact aerobics classes that got your heart going...but killed your joints. Allison shows you how to effectively do high impact aerobics with low impact to your body...all on the rebounder. Hosted by JB Berns.
60 minutes.

Hi-Lo Bound $19.95
Add Gift Wrap $5.95

Sneider's Perfect 20 Minute Workout
Sneider's Perfect 20 Minute Workout After Harry & Sarah Sneider answer some questions for you, Sarah then leads you in a perfect 20 minute workout. And the location? The lawn of the Royal Hawaiian on exotic Waikiki!
Beginning/Intermediate Video - 20 minutes.
Order Yours Today! $19.95

Sneider's Perfect 20 Minute Workout $19.95
Add Gift Wrap $5.95

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