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NEEDAK® Rebounder
NEEDAK Rebounder
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Non-Folding Soft Bounce Rebounders $280.00 (Shipping of $38.50 applies) - BLACK
Non-Folding Soft Bounce Rebounders $280.00 (Shipping of $38.50 applies) - BLUE
Folding Soft Bounce Rebounders $314.00 (Shipping of $28.50 applies) - BLACK
Folding Soft Bounce Rebounders $314.00 (Shipping of $28.50 applies) - BLUE
Rebounder Black stabilizing bar $72.25 (Shipping of $14.50 applies)

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Needak "Hard Bounce" Rebounders
Non-Folding Hard Bounce Rebounders $315.00 (Shipping of $38.50 applies) - BLACK
Non-Folding Hard Bounce Rebounders $315.00 (Shipping of $38.50 applies) - BLUE
Folding Hard Bounce Rebounders $349.00 (Shipping of $28.50 applies) - BLACK
Folding Hard Bounce Rebounders $349.00 (Shipping of $28.50 applies) - BLUE
Rebounder Black stabilizing bar $72.25 (Shipping of $14.50 applies)
The Rebounder comes with:
  • Free Book
  • Free Video
  • A Carrying Case
Effective March 2012 the Spring Cove is no longer included

Rebounding is an exercise that reduces your body fat; firms your legs, thighs, abdomen, arms, and hips. It increases your agility; improves your sense of balance; strengthens your muscles over all; provides an aerobic effect for your heart; rejuvenates your body when it's tired, and generally puts you in an enhanced state of health and fitness.

You can easily perform this exercise in your living room, your office, and your yard. Travelers can carry a portable rebounder aboard an airliner for use in a hotel room. It's the most convenient, metabolically effective form of exercise around.

How Rebound Exercise Accomplishes Its Benefits
Rebounding involves aerobic movements performed on a bouncing device that looks like a small trampoline. It has you jumping up and down for health and fitness. As an ideal jumping device, the mini-trampoline or "rebounder," has a strong woven mat attached by coiled steel springs to a circular steel frame. The rebounder usually is round, although some models have been made oval, rectangular, square or polygonal. The entire jumping surface of the mat is twenty-eight inches in diameter, stands on six legs with spring coils of their own, which are seven to nine inches high.

Rebounder Books and
Videos Available Here

NEEDAK Rebounder The stabilizing bar is an optional accessory that is easily attached to the NEEDAK¨ Rebounder.
For those unsteady on their feet or for the elderly, handicapped, and disabled, a stabilizing bar may be added to the rebounder's frame. It's attached to two of the frame's legs so that the individual needing more security can hold onto this bar and still bounce aerobically.

Rebounder spring "All Rebounders Are NOT Created Equal"

For a comparison chart of rebounders,
Click here.

The secret to the SOFT-BOUNCE success is simple. It's the springs. Only SOFT-BOUNCE has a JUMBO spring mechanism that rise higher and sinks lower, with an estimated 20% additional shock absorption.

Depending on the quality, some rebounding devices may be relatively low in cost, and unfortunately, low in quality. Bouncing on such poorly-constructed models may actually be harmful to one's muscles, joints, and nerves. There's no yield to them and the abrupt jarring effect is the same as landing on the floor.

NEEDAK Rebounder Is It Made of the "Right Stuff"?
Most important for excellent rebounding is the mat material. It should give no stretch during the downward landing, while at the same time providing a resilient rebound. Such a mat will be made from Permatron¨ material, which has a smooth finish. The Permatron¨ is resistant to ultraviolet rays, doesn't break down as do other fabrics, and allows no moisture absorption. Part of the specifications for a perfect rebounder is that its mat will be sewn together using at least 5760 stitches of high-grade nylon thread with two layers of strong polypropylene webbing stitched around the mat's edges.

NEEDAK Rebounder Attached to a heavy-grade, all steel round frame should be an oversize spring mechanism holding four-inch-long, custom-made jumbo springs which deliver a soft bounce. Thirty-six springs made of quality wire will hold the mat to the frame. Individual spring mounting pins prevent frame wear. Tapered coils help to give extended wearability to such springs. (Untapered coils allow low-quality springs to break frequently, requiring replacement.) Replacement springs must be available directly from the manufacturer since retail distributors seldom stock spare springs.

Special Features
NEEDAK Rebounder The spring-loaded legs fold for easy storage under a bed or behind a door.

For a folding rebounder, the frame folds in half to be packed into its carrying bag, allowing for storage in a car trunk or in the overhead compartment of an airliner.

Optional Accessories
The stabilizing bar is an optional accessory that is easily attached to the NEEDAK¨ Rebounder.

Cellerciser Rebounder Kits

CellerciserBuying a mini trampoline rebounder is a great idea, but before you buy make sure you're getting a quality exercise trampoline. Many mini trampolines use weak steel springs causing sinking and pronation of feet, heel bone angles inward and the arch tends to collapse, and knees. This movement can also cause back problems. The Cellerciser home exercise trampoline is designed to minimize these effects. Take your fat burning workouts and strengthening exercises to a new level with this innovative product with confidence it is designed for your safety using triple-tiered carbons steel anodized springs (better than stainless steel) and all-steel construction.

Cellerciser® Kit (No Bar) - $330.00
Cellerciser® Kit - Including Stabilizing Bar - $390.00
Cellerciser Tri-Fold Cellerciser® - $524.00
The Cellerciser is not a "typical" rebounder or mini-trampoline. It is designed for safety, durability and longevity. More effective than ordinary exercise, the Cellerciser® does not lift weight away from gravity; it increases the weight of gravity on every cell of your body over 100 times a minute. Hence a 10 minute Cellerciser® workout begins to tone and shape your entire body from the inside out while revitalizing all your cells and internal organs!

David Hall's Center for Cellular Health has always been at the forefront of innovative design and performance of mini-trampolines. David first introduced the barrel spring design in 1993. His latest TRIPLE-TIERED TAPERED spring design has proven to be more effective than Stainless Steel. The springs special formulation and anodized features makes allows users to experience superior bounce quality irrespective of their weight. The spring adjusts to the user’s weight and jump style. For example, typical barrel springs can be too hard for someone light and too soft for someone a little heavier. By having a tapered and tiered spring, a 100 pound person will use most of the first tapered tiered section of the spring and have a great bounce, a 200 pound person will utilize more of the second and third tier of the spring, and the three hundred pound person will use more of the third tapered tier. That means you get the best bounce available irrespective of your weight. The Celleciser is rated for users up to 300 pounds.

Your Cellerciser® Kit with Bar includes:
  • Folding Rebounder (Folds in Half)
  • Balance Bar
  • Carrying Bag
  • Video
  • Book
  • Booklet
  • Exercise Chart and Intro Kit

Your Cellerciser® Kit (No Bar) includes:
  • Folding Rebounder (Folds in Half)
  • Carrying Bag
  • Video
  • Book
  • Booklet
  • Exercise Chart and Intro Kit

  • All Steel Construction with Electro-plated finish
  • Legs are 8.5” Long, the matt is 10.5” above the ground
  • Frame is 40” in diameter & rebounding area is 28” in diameter
  • 36 springs connected at different points
  • Matt is Black
  • Stabilizing Bar can be set to 3 heights
  • Rip-stop nylon carry case
  • Manufacturers Warranty.- 5 Years (excluding spring cover)
Click Here for more information on the exercise of rebounding.

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