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Water Ionizers

Jupiter Science Melody JP 104

Jupiter Melody

  • Limited Life-Time Warranty
  • Post cleaning for perfect water always
  • Four levels of alkaline water.
  • Four levels of acid water, including super-oxide.
  • Pure water (non-ionized)
  • 0.01 micron 3-stage filtration plus BioStone Infrared technology
  • Large 5-plate latest technology polymer ion plated platinum coated titanium ionizing plates (est. life 20 yrs, latest Japanese University technology)
  • Stainless steel output spout
  • Integrated computer circuitry throughout
  • Wipe down one-touch control panel
  • Coral calcium port
  • Unique post-operation automatic, silent cleansing for extended lifespan
  • lowest Voice confirmation every time you choose another output pH
  • Filter usage Liquid Crystal display indicator
  • Easy 1-minute change filter compartment
  • Optional ability to connect direct to mains and operate under mains pressure
  • 1/4 inlet tube; better visually in your kitchen that the 3/8" tube on other models.
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Jupiter Melody $1595.00
Undersink Conversion Kit - Chrome - $129.00
Undersink Conversion Kit - Brushed Nickel - $129.00
Undersink Conversion Kit 2 Heads- Chrome - $199.00
Undersink Conversion Kit 2 Heads- Brushed Nickel - $199.00
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The Jupiter Melody comes ready to install with a diverter that attaches to your water faucet. Many customers, however, desire the luxury of installing their ionizer under the sink. The Optional "Under-Sink Kits" allow you can install your Melody or Athena under the sink and have access to Alkaline Water from an attractive faucet that installs in a standard 1/1/4" hole. The Kits provide a faucet and all the parts needed for most installations. You will need a 110Volt outlet to power your Ionizer. The faucet comes in Brushed Nickel (Closest to Stainless Steel Look) and Chrome (Shiny). There are two kits available for your consideration:

Single Headed Faucet Kit - This Kit provides a faucet for Alkaline water. The acidic water is dispersed into the drain under your sink. The Kit provides

  • Faucet Brushed Nickel or Chrome
  • Cold Water Adapter to connect to cold water line
  • Drain Tee Plastic Tee that Installs in your Drain Pipe for Acid Discharge
  • Special Adapter Connects the Alkaline Output to the Faucet

Faucet in undersink Kit - comes in chrome or brushed nickel

Two Headed Faucet Kit - This Kit provides a faucet with two heads, one disperses Alkaline water and the other discharges Acid water. The Kit provides
  • Faucet Brushed Nickel or Chrome
  • Cold Water Adapter to connect to cold water line
  • Special Adapter Connects the Alkaline Output to the Faucet

Undersink 2

The 'Melody' Water Ionizer is Jupiter Science Company's newest model, the first of a completely new range . It is the first Water Ionizer in the world that has BioStone, which generates negative-Ions as soon as it makes contact with water. It activates water to assist in support of our metabolism, and circulation of blood.

It also assists with skin diseases and actually helps to increase metabolism though better conductivity. In addition, Tourmaline generates FIR that enlarges capillaries, purifies water, and acts like a 'supercharger', assisting the water alkalizer to ionize and alkalize.

  • Tourmaline has an immediate and powerful effect on water in the filter.
  • Surfactant effect (makes water wetter) increases by 101%

Negatively ionizes water and supports extra negative ionization in the water alkalizer. (24,140/cc) / FIR (96%)

- Reduces cluster size
- Enhances taste
- Assists alkalization
- Minimizes water odor
- Increases DO (Dissolved Oxygen)

Tourmaline has been researched and found to activate animal & plant metabolism. It incorporates the very latest polymer ion separation technology, which is patented by Jupiter Science. It makes Jupiter Science ionizers capable of the best range of pH and negative antioxidant ions of any system, making this unit at least comparable to any Water Ionizer on the market.

It easily outperforms Japanese imports, which have been perceived as the best for many years. However, led by Jupiter Science International, Korean manufacturing standards rose sharply in the 1990s to challenge Japanese quality. Jupiter Science has now surpassed Japanese quality and set a new standard which Japanese manufacturers are now trying their best to mimic. The Melody is also the first water purifier, in the world, to always give alkaline water - even when it is in cleaning mode.

With 9 levels to choose from, the ideal personal ionization level is immediately obtained. The JP104 'Melody' comes with a faucet diverter and is easily installed in minutes to any sink in the house or office. It also has a built-in flow control on the front of the unit so it can be installed directly to the water source; one of the only water ionizers on the market to offer this.

Explanations of Melody JP104 Features

Automatic Reversed Cleaning Every water ionizer in the world, worth investing in, has an inbuilt cleansing routine. This ensures that any particles that may find their way past the filter are not 'caught' in the ionizing cells. The method is simple - the magnetic field in the chamber is reversed so that any mineral that has energetically adhered to a Titanium plate is repelled and flushed away. It's a clever system, and assures the user of a long, trouble free life, but it isn't perfect - except on the Melody. Before, during the cleaning cycle, the water flow was changed from alkaline to acid. Now, for the first time ever, the Melody delivers only alkaline water from the alkaline sprout. No more waiting even when your Melody is cleaning!

Extra levels of pH means greater choice for you and other users. It also allows you to take advantage of higher alkaline pH levels when cooking, to make greens greener, rice fluffier and coffee and tea more flavorful.

Varying levels of acid water output means you can avail yourself of all of many ways you use acid water; for your skin, for your plants, for your home hygiene and more.

Pure water selection can be important if you or visitors are on an acid-based drug regimen. Although alkaline micro clustered water helps the absorption of many supplements and reduces the dosage requirement, it may affect drugs that are designed to be taken with acid or neutral water.

0.01 micron 3-stage filtration plus BioStone Infrared means that not only is your water filtered of impurities to the very finest possible degree, but it is also preconditioned by reduction of surface tension for maximum negative ion production during ionization. The 3-stage filter also adds coral calcium to the water automatically. There is no substitute for a quality, replaceable filter. Imagine what your sink would be like, after a year, if you only used hot water to clean it!

Large 5-plate polymer ion plated platinum coated titanium ionizing plates. Some older design water ionizers still use stainless steel plates, which were found to emit nickel. Jupiter Science and Toyo Water of Japan collaborated to produce the finest system of polymer bonded platinum coated Titanium plates. These totally overcome this leaching problem and radically enhance the lifespan of the plates, which are the heart of your Melody system.

A stainless steel top spout may seem a small thing until you actually use and Ionizer without one. Some ionizers output their ionized water via plastic hose back to the tap and out. The kitchen tap is one of the most bacteria-laden zones in the kitchen. Furthermore, a top-mounted spout allows you to pour water anywhere; a real boon when the sink is full of dishes, or when you want to fill a large bottle.

Integrated computer circuitry means CHOICE. Some units on the market try to make out that they are ionizers but do not use computer controllers. This means that you are restricted by the pH of your incoming water and not able to adjust to the optimal pH for your own needs. Computer circuitry also allows hot water and low pressure protection to be an automatic function.

Post-operation Auto Cleanse System means that every time you use your 'Melody', it will undertake a silent, automatic cleanse of the Titanium ionizing plates in the heart of its system. This auto clean ensures continued maximum performance by removing any particles that may have gotten through the filter into the ionizing chamber.

Voice confirmation means you are alerted to any change of pH. This safety feature can also be reduced in volume or turned off once you have learned how to use the Ionizer properly. it's like a 'learner-driver instructor' on board.

Filter Usage Liquid Crystal display means you can see at a glance how much filter life you have left. Although not an actual measure of filter life, it's a handy indicator off longevity that you can use to assess when to order a new filter.

Optional ability to connect direct to mains means you really don't even need your Melody attached to your tap. With a 1/4" hole in your bench, it can attach direct to your mains. All you need do to have a glass of water is to turn it on at the convenient front flow valve.

1/4 inlet tube; better visually in your kitchen than the 3/8" tube on other models. Why? Smaller is less obvious, and even though you may not want to connect your 'Melody' to the mains, and hiding the inlet hose completely, the 1/4" tube looks far better than the bulky 3/8" hose on other models.

This unit has it all: stylish upright look, great filtration, great range of output, ease of operation and installation, and the pedigree and security of dealing with Korea's largest and longest established water Ionizer manufacturer.


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