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Water Ionizers

Jupiter Mavello

Jupiter Mavello

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The Mavello is no longer manufactured. We do carry Filters, accessories and parts for this machine. We also offer repair services and a trade-in program.

Mavello Replacement Ultra-Filter $85.00
re-agent drops $8.50

Panel DetailUser Controls The Mavello controls have been designed with the American user in mind. First, the new control panel is membrane sealed making it easy to clean with insured reliability.


Electrolysis Chamber (Water Cell) The Mavello's water cell is a new Jupiter design. Jupiter is renowned for fine water cells. Did you know that Jupiter actually makes water cells for other ionizer manufacturers?

The Mavello cell is different from the Masterpiece cell in the following ways:

  • The Mavello water cell has 5 electrodes, the Masterpiece has 4. The result is more efficient operation at higher flow rates.
  • The Mavello water cell is designed to drain completely so that there is no standing water in the cell between uses. One of the reasons that the Masterpiece is programmed to go into an automatic clean cycle with every use is so that all of the standing water will be purged out. Of course the standing water in the Masterpiece is harmless, but it may be not be fully ionized and could absorb flavors resulting from lime build-up within the cell.
  • Jupiter has used a proprietary matting between the Mavello cell electrodes. With any water ionizer, it is essential that this material allow water to pass during ionization. What can happen, however, is that, unless there's an automatic cleaning cycle, very hard water will leave deposits on this material and eventually lower its transfer efficiency. The new proprietary matting used in the Mavello water cell is extremely resistant to mineral deposits. Lime, iron, and other minerals are "sloughed off" enabling better ionization for a longer period of time.
  • The inner structure of the Mavello water cell enables a much better acid from alkaline water separation. This enhanced segregation between alkaline and acid water results in more efficient ionization as well as better isolation of any remaining chlorine or fluoride.
  • The combination of efficient draining, improved matting, and revised inner structure could enable the Mavello to operate on only one clean cycle per 24 hours, however, the auto clean feature remains for every use. (Hint: its OK to interrupt it if you're in a hurry.)

Filter snap in Jupiter has made replacing the filter so much easier with the Mavello. One simply opens the filter compartment door, pushes the filter down on its spring loaded pedestal, and pulls the filter out. New filter installation is literally a "SNAP".

Carbon block The standard Mavello filter contains the same fiber/granulated activated carbon components found in the Masterpiece filter including some special chlorine eating ingredients. Standard filter replacement cost is $62/each at an estimated useful life of 1000 - 1300 gallons. (Consider Bluestone's counter top carbon briquette pre-filter Model BSG-CB10 for triple the life of the standard filter.)


The big change in Mavello filtration is the availability of the new Jupiter “ULTRA” filter. The ULTRA filter is similar to the standard filter in that it has a section of granulated activated carbon. The BIG difference however is that the top section has hundreds of feet of tiny Polysulfone tubular membranes. These membranes are the same as those used in some kidney dialysis machines and are capable of removing particles as small as 0.01 microns! This will include many kinds of bacteria. The ULTRA filter is priced at $79/each and is good for 1700 gallons. (Again, consider Bluestone’s counter top carbon briquette pre-filter Model BSG-CB10 for double the life.)

(Note: Neither the Ultra-filter nor the Bluestone carbon briquette filter are intended for use on untreated water that is microbiologically unsafe.)

Mavello Ultra Filtration
Mavello Ultra Filtration
Close-up of Polysulfone membranes
Close-up of Polysulfone membranes

Calcium Infusion

The calcium infusion feature has been a Jupiter exclusive. This feature allows the gradual addition of calcium to water before it goes through the water cell. During the electrolysis process, the calcium is ionized with the water making it much more absorbable - more so than could be obtained from oyster shell tablets or anti-acids. The Mavello's calcium infuser has been improved:

Adjusting water flow
Adjusting Water Flow Through Calcium Receptacle
Adjusting Water Flow Through Calcium Receptacle
  • It has been removed from the filter and onto the top of the machine. This makes it unnecessary to disturb the calcium cartridge during a filter change.
  • The water flow is now adjustable through the calcium receptacle to either raise or lower the calcium concentration.


Mavello AN ATTRACTIVE AND FUNCTIONAL APPLIANCE The new Jupiter Mavello is a beautiful machine that allows form and function to be wonderfully synergized. As you will see, it will compliment any décor. The color is white with just a touch of very light gray shading. The user panel is functional and yet very pleasing to the eye, as is the polished stainless steel dispensing tube.

The fit and finish of the filter door is one example of the attention to detail paid by Jupiter with this new machine. The door opens and closes effortlessly and the seam is all but invisible.

Underneath the machine, there is even a channel to rout the input hose so it doesn't get crimped under the stand or tangled with the acid discharge.

The sum total emotion that these facets of tactile and sensory perfection evoke is the proud knowledge that you have purchased the finest ionizer that Jupiter has to offer. The price you paid of just $ 737 should also leave you somewhat smug in knowing that you didn't spend $900 or more on a lesser machine.

Support - 2 Year Warranty

Jupiter International and Bluestone Group are so confident that the Mavello is worthy of your consideration that we are offering a special 2-YEAR WARRANTY against all defects in parts or assembly. With diligent care, your Jupiter Ionizer will give you and your family many years of healthy, ionized water. Repairs, should your Jupiter ionizer ever need them either in or out of warranty, are conducted state side at Bluestone Group, where we have been factory trained to repair the complete line of Jupiter Ionizers.


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