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Food Combining & Digestion Sproutman's Kitchen Garden Cookbook
by Steve Meyerowitz
ISBN: 1-878736-86-8
Sproutman Publications July, 1999
Paperback 336 pages

Sproutman's Kitchen Garden Cookbook $14.95
Add Gift Wrap $5.95
Turn nuts, vegetable seeds, grains, and beans into gourmet food!

Sprouted breads, cookies, crackers, living soups, dressings, dips, spreads, sautˇs, alternative non-dairy milks, ice-creams, even sprouted pizza and bagels! Chapters on making sprout bread, food dehydrating, juicing, natural sodas, alternatives to dairy and salt, smart vegetarianism. Glossary of healthy foods. Includes Questions and Answers and seed resources. Over 150 illustrations, photos & Charts. Lay flat binding.

The Agriculture of Tomorrow Is Here Today!TM
The Kitchen of tomorrow will grow food in addition to preparing it.

Includes Hundreds of Healthy Recipes All Prepared from Sprouted Seeds
Breads Nut Milks Dressings
Crackers Soups Veggie Burgers
Cookies Dips Croquettes
Snacks Juices Casseroles
Non-Dairy Ice Cream Cheeses

The Information
Dairy - the Pro's & Con's. Making Sprout Bread. How to Dehydrate Foods. Charts on Nutrition, Sprouting, & Food Drying. Comparisons of Conventional & Whole Foods. Low Fat/Low Salt Diet. How to be a Healthy Vegetarian. Glossary of Health Foods. Complete Sprouting Guide. Low Temperature Cooking.

The Recipes
All Dairyless, All Flourless, All Vegetarian Zucchini Chips, Cashew Yoghurt, Almond Milk, Sprout Breads, Bagels, & Cookies, Dairyless Vanilla Ice Cream, Basil Tahini Dressing, Salt Substitutes, Dehydrated Banana Chips, Whole Meal Super Salads, Non-alcoholic Rejuvelac Wine, Natural Sodas, Healthy Halvah, Sunflower Seed Cheese, Pizza without Sin...more.


What a Great fun book on eating well. Of all the un-cook books I have on eating a high raw diet, I find this one of the best. It has a great variety of recipes and is fun to read. Even if you only eat raw now and again, you can still get a lot of good ideas from this book. Buy this book and it will keep you in new healthy recipe ideas for years. Also check out Mr Meyerowits's book on Juice fasting, I've found it to be one of the best available. - August 22, 2001 Reviewer: Andrew Mann from Windermere, Tasmania Australia

Living food!! If you are interested in the health benefits of eating healthy bread without the allergens and toxins of flour and have become a fan of the "Ezekiel Bread" you will love this cookbook. It is easy, and fun to grow your own sprouts, and see fresh bread in 3 days! Variations are endless and I think Steve has done a wonderful job showing how simple the process is, and it is not intimidating in beginning your road to better health. Thanks to the Sproutman for this wealth of information - be sure to share some of your bread with friends (they won't believe it's sprouted grain!). - December 11, 1999 Reviewer: A reader from Midland, Texas, USA

Just arrived in our inventory and hot off the press is the new "Sproutman's Kitchen Garden Cookbook." This long awaited book, by Steve Meyerowitz, the Sproutman, is a superb guide to preparing super healthy vegetarian and "live food" meals.

Included are chapters like "Making Sprout Breads." Sprout bread has no flour. The germinated wheat is ground into a dough and then slow-baked or dehydrated. Sprouted wheat bread has 3 times the bran and vitamins of the finest whole wheat bread and is perhaps the only source of wheat germ in the "live" state. Sproutman provides 40 pages of recipes and information on the making of sprout breads, crackers, cookies, bagels and yes...even sprout pizza. It is the only source of this information we know.

There is a very thorough chapter on dehydrating foods including recipes such as zucchini chips and sunflower sun-cheeze. A chapter on the pros and cons of dairy. Non-dairy recipes such as cashew yoghurt, almond milk and vanilla iced cream. Charts on Nutrition, sprouting & food drying. Low fat/low salt diet. A glossary of health foods and great recipes such as rejuvelac non-alcoholic wine, natural sodas & snacks. Many tidbits such as "the Sprout Oath," "the Marx Bros. Meet Sproutman," and "Ode to a Banana" make this a fun to read book that is also loaded with practical information. -- Book Review Magazine, June 1994

About the author: Steve Meyerowitz, suffering from a lifetime of allergies and asthma, began a journey to better health in 1975. Becoming disappointed with orthodox medicine, he used diet and fasting to restore his health. In 1980, he founded The Sprout House, a "non" cooking school in New York City.

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