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Miracle Juicer 400
Miracle Juicer 400 Practical, rugged, efficient, hand-operated wheat grass juicer. Efficiently juices wheat grass and other greens, berries and soft fruits.
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Miracle 400 $75.99
Add Gift Wrap $5.95
Juiceman Juicer
Juiceman Juicer The juicer seen in TV infomercials with Jay Kordich. Select from 4 models to meet your juicing needs.
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The Acme Juicer 5001
Acme Juicer Model 5001 A centrifugal juicer with a 1/4 HP motor, 3600 RPM, 2 quart capacity and 5 year warranty. Dimensions: 21" x 11" x 13". Weight: 15 pounds.
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Acme 5001 $162.00
Add Gift Wrap $5.95
Acme Juicer 6001
Acme Juicer 6001 The ACME JUICERATORĘ - Acme 6001 - converts fresh fruits and vegetables into a fountain of rich, pure juice - instantly, almost miraculously.
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Acme 4001 $179.00
Add Gift Wrap $5.95
The Champion Household Champion Juicer Household Model Features a 1/3 horsepower GE motor. Juicer parts are 100% FDA accepted nylon and stainless steel. Special stainless steel lined body.
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Champion Household $188.95
Add Gift Wrap $5.95
The Champion Commercial
Champion Juicer Commercial Model Heavy Duty, 1/3 Horsepower Motor, 650 watts. The Commercial model is recommended for those who juice over a gallon a day.
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Champion Commercial $229.95
Add Gift Wrap $5.95
The Green Life Juicer
Green Life Juicer A juicer that can juice vegetables, fruits, and leafy greens like wheat grass. 1/4 horsepower motor, 110 RPMs.
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Green Life $369.00
Add Gift Wrap $5.95
The Green Power Juicer
Green Power Juicer Green Power's precision balanced 1/4 horsepower motor reduces speed to 110 RPM which produces superior tasting, high quality, health promoting juice.
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Green Power $419.95
Add Gift Wrap $5.95
Waring Health Juice Extractor
Waring Juice Extractor Good nutrition has never been easier - or more delicious. The Waring Health Juice Extractor lets you get the most out of your favorite fruits and vegetables.
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Waring Juice Extractor $99.94
Add Gift Wrap $5.95
Welles Juice Press
Welles Juice Press Juice pressing heals disease through regeneration of the cells. Immunity comes from the soils. Pressing vegetable juices releases the immune regenerative forces of the land.
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Welles Juice Press $349
Add Gift Wrap $5.95
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Omega 4000 Omega 4000
Continuous juicing operation, easy to use, easy to clean.
SS Blade and BasketLarge stainless steel blade and basket.

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