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What must I do? Make your Juicer your Drug Store What must I do? Make your Juicer your Drug Store
by Dr. L. Newman
ISBN: 0-87904-001-7
Benedict Lust Publications 1992
Paperback 191 pages
4 ¼ x 6 ¾ x ½

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Laura Newman earned diplomas as Doctor of Physiotherapy and Doctor of Naturopathy to better understand the relation between diet and health. This book was written to share with others the benefits using raw vegetable juices to aid in health and healing. The book provides information on contacting nature's lifeline, the best juices and those to avoid, and helping others discover their deficiencies.

Table of Contents

Man Does not Die - He Kills Himself
What Shall I Eat of Drink
How Old is Old?
Malnutrition Universal
Give Us this Day Our Daily Bread
Why Drink Raw Vegetable Juice?
General Rules to Recovery
That Tired Feeling
The Hardening Process
Digestive Troubles
Elimination: Constipation, Appendicitis, Kidneys, Skin, Cancer
Healthy Glands: Liver, Pancreas, Thyroid, Prostate
Circulatory Troubles
Respiratory Troubles
For Ladies Only
The Battle of the Bulge
Eye Troubles
Children's Ailments
The Teeth
The Juices

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