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Water Ionizers

Ion Farms-Gold Model 5000

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The Ion Farms Gold 5000 is no longer manufactured. We do carry Filters, accessories and parts for this machine. We also offer repair services and a trade-in program.
Ion Farms-Gold Model 5000 Filter $74.00
re-agent drops $8.50

User panel
Ion Farm Model 5000 User Panel
The Ultimate Ion Farm

Meet the Model 5000, "Faucet-pHree" water alkalizer

The Ion Farm Model 5000 represents High Tech Holding's top-of-the-line:

  • ISO 9001 manufacturing standard
  • Sealed electronics and transformer
  • Push-button water on/off
  • "Faucet-free" installation
  • Digital filter life indication

Then we add:


  • 48 volts of ionizing power
  • Automatic power adjustment based on water chemistry
  • LCD screen displays machine status and user prompts
  • Voice chip confirms machine operation mode
  • 2 acidic settings - mild and "super oxide"

Water Hardness Adaptability - the Ion Farm 5000 water ionizer offers the user programmed ionization strength for each of the 4 levels. This is especially important to users in the US because of water quality that varies from region to region. With the Ion Farm 5000, it is now possible to "dial-in" the exact ionization strength that best suits the water chemistry.

Ion Ease of Use - the Ion Farm 5000 is simple and intuitive to use, even for someone who might otherwise shy away from a modern push-button appliance. There are only 5 buttons:

  1. "Power" turns on the power and water with one touch.
  2. "Mild" for decreasing the alkalinity.
  3. "High" for increasing alkalinity,
  4. Ion
  5. "Acid" for dispensing acidic water from the top flex-hose.
  6. "Purified water," for turning off ionization so that only filter water is dispensed.

Low Maintenance - The only thing your Ion Farm 5000 will ask of you is to change the filter at periodic intervals, as indicated by the filter life indicator. Ion Farm 5000's built-in filter is extremely efficient at removing chlorine, heavy metals, and particulate to 1 micron. It uses multiple layers of pleated fiber media, combined with silver impregnated activated carbon and should last 8 - 10 months .

Ion Added Calcium - Like most quality water ionizers, the Ion Farm 5000 has a receptacle for the addition of a small percolator basket filled with a special calcium compound that is formulated to gradually dissolve in the water flow, adding a very absorbable form of ionic calcium to the water. Each cartridge will last about 4-6 months.

Ion Farm Support - Factory-trained technicians will provide warranty support for your Ion Farm 5000 water ionizer HERE, not in Japan or Korea. We maintain a complete supply of genuine replacement parts. In addition, you will find replacement filters, filtration related accessories, and calcium cartridges for your Ion Farm 5000.

Ion And, what does all this mean to you?

  • If you recognize quality, you will admire the Ion Farm 5000.
  • If you consider alkaline ionized water a necessity, you will embrace the Ion Farm 5000's value, especially if you were considering another machine costing $1,000 and up.
  • If you are new to the concept of ionized alkaline water, you will be relieved at the Ion Farm 5000's simplicity.


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Free Shipping
on all juicers and orders over $100! (Anywhere within the contiguous 48 states)

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