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Galaxy Juicer
  • The latest patented single gear juicer
  • Heavy Duty LG brand motor (12 year guarantee)
  • New reinforced juicing screen and 8 nozzles
  • Larger juicing bowls with superior sieve
  • The quickest and easiest juicer to clean
  • The Vitality 4 Life Hippocrates Health Program Free
Galaxy Juicer

This machine is no longer available... Please see the Samson 6-1 Juicer

The Galaxy Juicer is Six Machines in One
  • Vegetable Juice Extractor
  • Wheat grass Juicer
  • Fruit Juicer
  • Minces and Purees
  • Pasta and Noodle Maker
  • Frozen Dessert Maker

The Galaxy Juicer delivers up to 20% more juice.

Ask anyone who has a single gear juicer and they will say that the cleaning is a breeze and its great for leafy greens and wheatgrass. However, previous models were not great at juicing carrots and other tough vegetables. When used in this fashion the juice yield and amount of pulp in the juice was disappointing. Our goal was to design a single gear juicer that extracted more juice and extracted more pulp from the juice.

The Galaxy Juicer is designed to extract the maximum amount of pulp free juice from all vegetables and fruits. We designed it from the ground up using a motor and gear system from the LG Corporation.

The single auger has a two way action designed to exactly simulate the 'motor and pestle' used by the ancients. The sieves, juicing bowls and plunger have all been ergonomically designed for western use. The 'mortar & pestle' two-way action of the screw, turns at 90 RPM.

This patented action squeezes out the maximum juice, opens more of the cell wall and separates pulp from juice more effectively than the earlier model single gear juicers.

If you are juicing every day you will be consuming between $30 to $60 per week in fresh produce. By being 20% more efficient, the Galaxy Juicer will save you $100s per year and countless hours of time.

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