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Water Ionizers

Jupiter Athena

The new Jupiter Athena Water Ionizer incorporates a revolutionary new dual Filtration system. In addition to using the patented Jupiter Biostone Filter, the Athena also includes a Carbon Block sediment filter under the covers of the machine. The Athena can attach to your faucet or using an Optional Kit installed under your counter. A special faucet comes with the optional kit that fits in a standard 1 Ό” hole in sink or counter.

Our price $2195.00
Jupiter Athena $2195.00
Undersink Conversion Kit - Chrome - $129.00
Undersink Conversion Kit - Brushed Nickel - $129.00
Undersink Conversion Kit 2 Heads- Chrome - $199.00
Undersink Conversion Kit 2 Heads- Brushed Nickel - $199.00
Additional .1 Biostone Filter $59.00
Additional .01 Biostone Filter $89.00
Additional Sediment Filter $35.00
Additional Coral Calcium Insert $8.50
Reagent Drops $8.50
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Add Gift Wrap $5.95

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The Jupiter Athena comes ready to install with a diverter that attaches to your water faucet. Many customers, however, desire the luxury of installing their ionizer under the sink. The Optional "Under-Sink Kits" allow you can install your Melody or Athena under the sink and have access to Alkaline Water from an attractive faucet that installs in a standard 1/1/4" hole. The Kits provide a faucet and all the parts needed for most installations. You will need a 110Volt outlet to power your Ionizer. The faucet comes in Brushed Nickel (Closest to Stainless Steel Look) and Chrome (Shiny). There are two kits available for your consideration:

Single Headed Faucet Kit - This Kit provides a faucet for Alkaline water. The acidic water is dispersed into the drain under your sink. The Kit provides

  • Faucet – Brushed Nickel or Chrome
  • Cold Water Adapter – to connect to cold water line
  • Drain Tee – Plastic Tee that Installs in your Drain Pipe for Acid Discharge
  • Special Adapter – Connects the Alkaline Output to the Faucet

Faucet in undersink Kit - comes in chrome or brushed nickel

Two Headed Faucet Kit - This Kit provides a faucet with two heads, one disperses Alkaline water and the other discharges Acid water. The Kit provides
  • Faucet – Brushed Nickel or Chrome
  • Cold Water Adapter – to connect to cold water line
  • Special Adapter – Connects the Alkaline Output to the Faucet

Undersink 2

Athena Features

  • Dual Filtration System
  • Extended range of pH selection and control
  • 4 pre-set push button levels for Alkaline Water
  • 3 pre-set push button levels for Alkaline Water
  • Pre-Set push button for Purified Water
  • Manual Flow Control dial for fine tuning the alkalinity or acidity of your water
  • Advanced automation controlled by patented Micom circuity
  • Reduced mineral deposits using Double Automatic Reverse Cleaning (DARC) system
  • Alarm message in case of low water flow
  • Temperature Sensor sends an Alarm message and disables ionization to protect circuitry during hot water flow
  • Exact calculation of filter life using flow control.
  • Filtration of diverse pollutants and microorganisms using high-quality filter.
  • Optionally, coral calcium may be added through an port, extending     the range of pH selection
  • Flux control and inbuilt on-off valve, making exterior valve unnecessary
  • Automatic flow reversal system for cleaning water cell electrodes.
  • Elegant design. And durable construction.
  • Silver coated active carbon filtration for improved taste
  • Easy Filter Replacement.
  • Product Manufacture Permission Number

    No. 610


    Ion water generator


    Under Sink

    Input voltage

    AC120V -240V

    Input Electricity




    Overall dimention


    Applicable Water Inflow Pressure


    Applicable Water Temperature


    Unit Operation Type

    One touch

    Unit Operation Means

    Tap-Water-Open and - Close

    Electrolysis Device

    Electrolsis Method

    Continuous Electrolysis

    Electrolsis strength

    4 Level

    Ionized Water Output Rate

    2.5L-3L/min(Alkaline+Acidic water)

    Cleaning Device


    Electrode Materials

    Platinum and Titanium

    Water Purifying Device

    Filter Replacement

    Easy Replacement Cartridge

    Filter Life

    Activated Carbon Filter:Approx 5-6 Month
    ( Basic 20 Liter/Day )

    Filter Life Indicator

    FND Indication

    Filter Composition

    Silver impregnated Carbon
    option-hollow filter membrane

    Water Purifying Device

    Temperature Sensor / Auto Shut Off

    Water Supply

    Direct Connection to a Tap


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