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Clinician's Complete Reference To Complementary & Alternative Medicine Clinician's Complete Reference To Complementary & Alternative Medicine
by Donald W. Novey, M.D. with Steve Meyerowitz, Contributing Author
ISBN: 0-323-00755-4
A Mosby title, Feb. 2000
Paperback 875 pages

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Clinician's Complete Reference to Complementary & Alternative Medicine takes the guesswork out of prescribing complementary and alternative therapies. The most comprehensive resource of its kind, this one-stop guide presents the objective information you need to select treatments with confidence.

93 top authorities bring you up-to-date, evidence-based guidance on more than 60 of the most common alternative treatment modalities. You'll find biomedical and pharmacological explanations for their efficacy...rationales for their use...and unbiased discussions of which diseases and conditions respond well (and which ones don't).

A consistent format allows quick access!

For each modality, Clinician's Complete Reference to Complementary & Alternative Medicine provides...

  • A description and definition
  • A history of the approach
  • An explanation of its biological mechanisms of action
  • And a discussion of its practical applications
Where applicable, you'll also find guidance on...
  • Contraindications and adverse reactions
  • Credentialing for practitioners
  • Key treatment issues
  • Sources of additional information, both in print and on the internet
  • And much more!
Turn to Clinician's Complete Reference to Complementary & Alternative Medicine for the comprehensive information you need to make knowledgeable recommendations to your patients. Order this essential resource today!


Section 1: General Concepts

Basic Principles of Complementary/Alternative Therapies
The Dilemma of Evidence
Leaving the Medical Model

Section 2: Fields of Practice
Mind-Body Interventions

Art Therapy
Dance/Movement Therapy
Interactive Guided Imagery
Music Therapy
Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Poetry Therapy
Relaxation Therapy
Spiritual Healing and Prayer

Bioelectromagnetics Applications in Medicine

Light Therapy
Magnetic Field Therapy

Alternative Systems of Medical Practice

Oriental Medicine Practices

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine
Tai Chi

Professionalized Health Care Systems

Homeopathic Medicine
Naturopathic Medicine

Community-Based Health Care Practices

Traditional Medicine in Latin America
Native American Medicine

Manual Healing Methods

Osteopathic Medicine
Massage Therapy


Alexander Technique
Bowen Technique
CranioSacral Therapy
Feldenkrais Method®
Hellerwork Structural Integration
Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy
Polarity Therapy
Rolfing® Structural Integration
Rosen Method
Therapeutic Touch
Trager® Approach
Exploring the Concept of Energy in Touch-based Healing

Pharmacological and Biological Treatments

Chelation Therapy
Enzyme Therapy
Flower Essences
Herbal Medicine

Diet and Nutrition in The Prevention and Treatment of Disease

Oxidative Stress
Orthomolecular Medicine
Nutritional Oncology and Integrative Cancer Care

Unclassified Diagnostic and Treatment Methods

Applied Kinesiology
Biological Dentistry
Colonic Therapy
Color Therapy
Detoxification Therapy
Environmental Medicine
Juice Therapy
Quartz Crystal Therapy

Section 3: Health Conditions and Suggested Therapies

Rapid index
Listing of Health Conditions

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